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Folder Transforming Midwifery Care Documents

In this section you will find key documents related to the Transforming Midwifery Care consultation. Some of the documents currently available here are still in draft and are likely to be updated.  

Our engagement work is ongoing so any documents related to this work may not include all of our actvities to date.


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pdf Assessing the Impacts on Travel and Access ( pdf, 4.05 MB ) (346 downloads) Popular
document Draft Equality Impact Assessment ( docx, 4.96 MB ) (336 downloads) Popular
document Draft Pre-consultation Engagement Report ( docx, 186 KB ) (336 downloads) Popular
document Draft Seldom Heard Pre-consultation Engagement Report ( docx, 233 KB ) (287 downloads) Popular
document ELC Final Report ( docx, 4.72 MB ) (349 downloads) Popular